Congratulations on your new Origin Quartz countertops!

We hope you will enjoy them for many years.

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Lifetime Limited Warranty

Origin Quartz, as supplied by The Granite Company (Pty) Ltd, carries a Lifetime Limited Warranty for residential installations and a 10 year warranty on commercial installations, that the material will be free from manufacturing defects. Commercial usage includes but is not limited to, use of the surfaces in high traffic areas such as in a store, rental property, offices or any other places of business.

Origin Quartz is for interior application and installation only. Any exterior application is not covered under warranty.

The residential lifetime warranty is limited to the original owner of the domestic residence in which the surface was installed.

In the case of a newly constructed domestic residence, the warranty is available to the original purchaser of the residence from a builder or developer with the product permanently installed therein. A domestic residence shall relate to a private residence and for no commercial purpose whatsoever.

Terms and Conditions:

This warranty expires upon transfer of ownership of the residence to any third party.

The warranty only applies and is valid in instances where the product has been paid in full.

This Warranty shall apply for interior use and only when the product is:

  1. Properly installed;
  2. Maintained in accordance with The Guidelines for Care and Maintenance listed above and which form part of this warranty;
  3. Used solely for the specific purpose of countertops and/or wall cladding;
  4. Permanently installed and has not been moved from the original installation.
  5. The Granite Company (Pty) Ltd shall only be responsible for proven manufacturing defects in the product which shall be determined by them in their sole and absolute discretion.

The Granite Company (Pty) Ltd will have the right at all times to examine purportedly defective product and its installation and maintenance. Any remedy against The Granite Company (Pty) Ltd shall be, at The Granite Company (Pty) Ltd’s sole discretion, to either replace the defective product with the equivalent product or refund the purchase price. The warranty is exclusive and in lieu of any other warranty expressed or implied including any implied warranty of merchantability, fitness for purpose, or other warranty of quality, whether expressed or implied, and all other liabilities or obligations on the part of The Granite Company (Pty) Ltd. Under no circumstances will The Granite Company be liable for direct, indirect, general, special, incidental, consequential, or other damages of any kind whatsoever, regardless of the cause of such damage.


This Warranty does not cover:

  1. Any cost or expenses related to the removal and/or re-installation of the product or replacement of the product and/or transportation costs and/or loss of profit and/or any other related expenses.
  2. Any instance where the Purchaser is not the occupier of the residence
  3. Spots or blemishes which form part of the manufacturing process and do not affect the structural integrity of the material
  4. Natural variations in the colour, size, shape and distribution of the pattern of the natural quartz.
  5. Fireplace or braai surrounds
  6. Instances where the product is/was used improperly or abused or otherwise has suffered impact damage
  7. Scratches
  8. Damage caused during routine maintenance
  9. Improper installation
  10. Any chemical damage
  11. Any creative use of the material including bending or curving
  12. Material that has been reduced in thickness
  13. The altering of any factory applied finish


In order for the warranty to be effective, the Purchaser needs to ensure that he/she is happy with the product and the installation. The purchaser can then complete the Residential Warranty form which can be obtained from the supplier/installer and this signed Warranty form is to be sent to The Granite Company via email ( or ordinary mail within a month after installation (The Granite Company (Pty) Ltd, 1 Manhattan Street, Airport Industria 2, Cape Town, 7490).

Upon receipt of the warranty registration by The Granite Company (Pty) Ltd, acknowledgement of the registration will be sent back to the e-mail address or address from which the registration was sent. This acknowledgement will serve as proof of registration. This warranty constitutes the entire warranty given to the first owner and supersedes all other warranties and representations, whether oral or written, except as expressly set out above. No person other than the duly authorised representatives of Origin Quartz or The Granite Company (Pty) Ltd, is authorised to make any warranty promise or representation on behalf of The Granite Company (Pty) Ltd and any such representations must be reduced to writing and signed prior to being effective.