We have noticed that sometimes our customers purchase blades daily, and wondered why their blades were wearing so quickly. We investigated the situation and found that oftentimes they are using the same blade designed for cutting to shape the granite or quartz. This habit will wear the blade abnormally, and is unfortunately popular practice.

Since not achieving the correct wear on blades is an expensive exercise, we decided to consult our professional partners to get the correct data.

We asked Karel, at Trio Tools for the solution. He says this practice is found especially in instances where installers want to do a 45 degree mitre or a bullnose edge.

Due to the pressure that is put onto the body of the blade in such instances, the blade becomes flexible, the body hardens and it starts cracking after some time before the blade is finished. The cutting edge of the blade gets worked to a fine point and sharp point and starts breaking apart which could become extremely dangerous as well.

What the installers of Granite and Quartz should be using instead for shaping edges are abrasive wheels, available in 36, 60 and 120 grit.

There is a blade available on the market which IS perfect for cutting and grinding. The blade is slightly thicker and the grinding edge is wider, (2,5 cm wider). It has a M14 Flange that screws on so there is no need to take the whole grinder apart to get to the blade and it’s designed for cutting, grinding, and shaping. The blades are available in 125 and 230mm widths. All of the abovementioned tooling consumables are available for purchase from us at The Granite Company.