Origin Quartz engineered surfaces can easily be cleaned and maintained using only warm water and a mild detergent. Non-scratch sponges may also be used. Stubborn stains can be removed using a non-abrasive household cleaner. Rinse thoroughly with clean water afterwards. Please avoid the use of harsh chemicals, and solvents or oils as these can damage or dull the sheen of the surface of the stone.

This will ensure the surfaces remain in perfect condition and looking like new. No sealants are necessary due to the surfaces being non-porous.

We recommend that no hot pots and pans be placed directly on the surface, as the sudden temperature change may cause the stone to become damaged.

Origin Quartz is extremely scratch-resistant; but sharp objects like knives shouldn’t be used directly on the surface.

Origin Quartz, as supplied by The Granite Company (Pty) Ltd, carries a limited lifetime warranty for residential installations and a 10 year warranty on commercial installations, that the material will be free from manufacturing defects. Commercial usage includes but is not limited to, use of the surfaces in high traffic areas.

Origin Quartz is for interior application and installation only. Any exterior application is not covered under warranty.

The residential lifetime warranty is limited to the original owner of the domestic residence in which the surface was installed.

In the case of a newly constructed domestic residence, the warranty is available to the original purchaser of the residence from a builder or developer with the product permanently installed therein. A domestic residence shall relate to a private residence and for no commercial purpose whatsoever.